Use these tools to validate against WCAG 2.0

Badeyes 2014 WordPress Child Theme Up for Review

This 2014 Child Theme is now in front of the good folks at the WordPress Repository and ready for review.

You can see a mock up version of it at where you can read about what I have modified on the Developers page and take a test drive by going to the Download page and get a copy of it.

Cognitive Accessibility Online

Written by
Dawn Gregg

For most of us, the Internet is an important part of our daily lives.  It is a source of news, information and entertainment. However, for individuals with cognitive disabilities, especially those with severe cognitive disabilities, the Internet is difficult, if not impossible to use.


Screen Readers

Accessibility Validation Checkers

Note: These tools alone should not be relied upon to assess a sites accessibility, a thorough knowledge of WCAG 2.0 is needed in order to evaluate manual checkpoints, however it does give a good starting point.

Colour Analysis